Trauma recovery: EMDR

Newest Program:  Helping Victims of Trauma


People who have experienced  a crisis struggle with how memories of the event and the related  feelings can impact everyday life, even when the trauma occurred many years ago.  Neuro-science has now determined that much of these intrusive thoughts and feelings can be addressed through the systematic reprocessing of memories in a safe and structured environment. 

One of the most effective techniques is called “EMDR”, named after the “eye-movement” that we all experience as memories are recalled, in sleep (REM sleep) and during the day.  This extensively researched model is proven effective for relieving symptoms caused by various trauma, including: anxiety, nightmares, insomnia, and other emotional problems.   

CCS now has staff that are certified in EMDR; bringing together our commitment for evidence based treatments and the desire to create a safe and healing place for people to grow. CCS staff use EMDR believing that we can empower individuals who have experienced trauma.  

EMDR Therapists:

Sue Konkel-White

Sharon Mellor