1st Relationships: Help for Children


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1st Relationships is the mental health treatment program designed for children and their families provided by Christian Counseling Service (CCS).  1st Relationsips focuses on the relational and emotional well-being of children through assessments, treatment, care, and education.  All services are based on the best practice standards and utilize evidence-based models.  CCS is an interfaith organization and welcomes all persons.

Help your child cope with the stresses of life.  Ease your stress and enjoy a more satisfying bond with your child.  We help parents with kids that:

  • are aggressive, who hit, throw things and express great anger.
  • have frequent tantrums or are unable to regulate emotions
  • are defiant or refuse to follow directions
  • have problems in school settings.

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Children & Family Programs


  • SART/EIIS – Screening, Assessment, Referrals and Treatment – Programs funded through the Department of Behavioral Health to provide early identification and treatment for children 0-5 in need of specialized mental health treatment.
  • Autism Spectrum Disorder Specialists who work from DIR/Floortime/PlayProject modalities.
  • Cognitive-Behavioral Treatment (CBT)
  • Treatment for victims of trauma (EMDR)
  • Infant and new mother support and treatment – Watch, Wait & Wonder
  • Parent-Child Interaction Therapy (PCIT)
  • Parent Education and Support
  • Play Therapy

Who Can Benefit?


  • Children, Adolescents or Teens who are having difficulty in school
  • Children with difficult or disruptive behaviors
  • Children who are on the Autistic Spectrum or have difficulties with self regulation, such as ADHD
  • Families who have experienced a crisis or loss
  • Children who have experienced a trauma
  • Victims of sexual abuse/assault